Marinate all your favorite cuts of meat before cooking by adding Mrs G's to oil and vinegar.

Those same ingredients will make THE BEST dressing your favorite salad will ever wear!

Saute some chicken, pork or beef in a bit of olive oil. Sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons of Mrs G's on as it cooks.

Cook up some pasta, any shape, and add a little butter. Sprinkle with Mrs G's for delicious flavor.

Cookin' Cajun? Boil your beef ribs for an hour with Mrs G's in the water. Finish on the grill with your favorite BBQ sauce. YUM!

Spice up that dull egg or tuna salad by adding Mrs G's to the mix. Do the same for deviled eggs!

Gobble-gobble! Before you place it in a hot oven, mix Mrs G's with butter and using your hand, spread it between the skin and breast of your turkey this year. Extra juicy, extra flavor!

Rub Mrs G's liberally on a prime rib roast. Prepare yourself for endless raves from family and friends!

A little olive oil and some Mrs G's will make an incredible dip for your favorite artisan bread!

Is your Bloody Mary getting bloody boring? Mrs G's will take it to the top shelf level! One teaspoon in the cocktail with your favorite mix, and you'll never have it any other way!

Are you working more fish into your diet? Try Mrs G's on salmon or other finned friend. Place a cut of fish in foil or on a baking dish, pour some lemon juice and melted butter on it, then a teaspoon or two of Mrs G's over it all. Wrap it or cover it, bake or barbecue-----fish never tasted this good!

It's almost time for the farmers' markets to begin opening their stalls. Get the fresh, wholesome veggies, steam them and lightly toss with some Mrs G's and a little olive oil. Serve to everyone, including children who will very likely become its biggest fans!

Baking, are you? Make Mrs G's your last ingredient to be added before proofing / raising the dough. Mrs G's will add very nicely to some Parker House or cloverleaf rolls to accompany any dinner.

Do you like your baked potatoes 'loaded'? Mrs G's will become as common as bacon crumbles, sour cream, chives and cheese. ½ - 1 teaspoon per spud will enhance an American classic comfort food!

Soups and stews. We eat them year-round. Add a little Mrs G's to your favorite recipe. Because Mrs G's blends are all low in sodium, you can add as much as you like; it will not overly salt any recipe!