Love From Our Friends!

I've been a big fan of Mrs G's Fresh! Garlic Seasonings for over ten years. I'm sure there are never fewer than five tubs in my pantry at any given time, because when I rub it on my baby back ribs and serve at least once a month for family and friends, I end up giving it away to at least one or two people! PLEASE make this available in stores in (at least) Helena, Montana!
— Julie M, Helena, MT.

My son lives in Paris, France. While he was visiting me in Seattle several years ago, we bought some Mrs G's at Central Market Grocery Store. In one weekend, we went through the entire container---and returned to buy the entire stock at the store for my son to take back to Europe with him. Now I send him several Mrs G's seasonings throughout the year!
— Jane Wordahl, Seattle

Awhile ago, I had a last-minute invitation to a potluck dinner party. I had baked some bread earlier in the day, so I grabbed Mrs G's from the pantry and created an incredible bruschetta! It was the hit of the party, and now I bring Mrs G's Bruschetta Bread whenever I go get social with family and friends.
— Mary Moore, Tacoma

I used Mrs G's on some babyback ribs for a family barbecue. They almost chewed their tongues right out of their mouths! I buy Mrs G's blends and dry-rub ribs, making them as gifts for family and friends. It is so good, people offer to pay me for my ribs---but to be honest, no one would pay me anything unless there was Mrs G's dry-rubbed on 'em!
— Jermaine Brown, Portland

No one has pickier eaters in their family than I do. My kids, though, will eat anything, as long as it has been cooked with Mrs G's. I got them to try new things, and eat food they don't typically like---all thanks to these blends.
— Johnny Hempen, Tacoma