About Mrs. G's Original Fresh Garlic Seasoning

Sheesh — not ANOTHER seasoning! WHY?!?

 Mrs G's is one of my earliest memories. The seasoning, which my mother made fresh at least once a week, was kept in a small, old glass jar in the door of the refrigerator. Caribbean island cooking is all about fresh ingredients and family feasts, and in our house, that meant the little glass jar was in and out of the fridge constantly. My friends who came over for dinner would always want to know why my mother's food tasted so good. She would smile a little, nod and accept the compliment, happy to be part of many generations of mothers who gathered, chopped and stored the fresh and natural ingredients that would enhance several meals.

A few years ago, I decided it was the right time to share this recipe with old and new friends alike. I was hearing from quite a few family and friends that they weren't satisfied with the seasonings they were finding in stores. Loaded with artificial flavors and preservatives, what should've been good choices were often heavy in sodium and ingredients no one could identify---let alone pronounce. I felt then that I had a viable answer to this situation. Starting small and with my mother's recipe and blessing, I produced and distributed the seasoning to a few stores in the Pacific Northwest. We've decided to expand into the broader market of people who are cooks of all abilities, who like enhancing their home-cooked meals, simple and extravagant, with a simple blend of amazing flavors. My mother, Mrs Guiler, is Mrs G's creator. Bring Mrs G's to your kitchen! You can find us in local stores, or you are welcome to order the Mrs G's FRESH! Garlic Seasoning blends right from this website!